Lose Weight Without Giving Up Mexican Food: Vegan Kale Black Bean Burrito Recipe

A fresh burrito bowl with super flavorful components—lime-marinated kale, seasoned black beans, brown rice and avocado salsa verde. This recipe is both gluten-free, vegan and most importantly Delicious!

Kale is a leafy green vegetable that is popular in many cuisines across the world. The kale plant is a member of the cabbage family and grows in temperate climates.

Kale is a nutritious food full of nutrients such as vitamins K and A, along with iron and magnesium. It is also very good for providing lots of fibre, which can help to stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full. Kale is also high in anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help to ease irritation in the body.


Prep time

20 Minutes

Cooking time

30 Minutes




  • Brown Rice
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup brown rice, rinsed (short grain/arborio or long grain/basmati

  • Garnish
  • Hot sauce (suggested)

  • Cherry tomatoes, sliced into thin rounds

  • Seasoned Black Beans
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)

  • 1 shallot, finely chopped (or ⅓ cup chopped red onion)

  • 2 cans of black beans, rinsed and drained (or 4 cups cooked black beans)

  • 3 cloves garlic, pressed or minced

  • ¼ teaspoon chilli powder

  • Avocado salsa verde
  • ½ cup fresh cilantro leaves

  • 1 avocado, pitted and sliced into big chunks

  • 2 tablespoon lime juice

  • ½ cup mild salsa verde

  • Lime marinated kale
  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • 1 bunch curly kale, ribs removed and chopped into small, bite-sized pieces

  • ½ jalapeño, seeded and finely chopped

  • ½ teaspoon cumin

  • ¼ cup lime juice

  • 2 tablespoon olive oil


  • Cook the rice Bring a big pot of water to a boil, dump in rinsed brown rice and boil, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Switch off the heat, drain the rice and put it in the pot. Cover and let the rice steam in the pot for 10 minutes, then fluff the rice with a fork and season with a quarter teaspoon of salt, or more to taste.
  • Create the kale salad: Whisk together the lime juice, olive oil, chopped jalapeño, cumin and salt. Toss the chopped kale with the lime marinade in a mixing bowl.
  • Make the avocado salsa verde: In a food processor or blender, combine the avocado chunks, salsa verde, cilantro and lime juice and blend well.
  • Heat the beans inside a saucepan, and heat a tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Sauté the shallot and garlic until fragrant, and add the beans, chilli powder and cayenne pepper. Cook until the beans are warmed through and softened, stirring often, about 5 to 7 minutes. If the beans seem to be dry at any point, mix in a little dash of water.
  • When serving, spoon nice portions of rice, also beans and kale salad into a bowl along with some spoonfuls of avocado salsa verde. Garnish with chopped cherry tomatoes! Enjoy 🙂

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