How To Fix A Salty Potato Salad – 8 Essential Steps

Creating a fantastic Potato Salad is hard enough, but finding the perfect salt ratio is even more difficult. In this article, I will be breaking down exactly what to do when you have oversalted your potato salad.

Step One: Add More Potatoes

A tip that will make the Irish lick their lips in delight is adding more potatoes! By adding more potatoes, you are diluting the relative volume of potato to salt, making the dish more palatable. However, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t add any more seasoning or sauce during this process, especially when boiling the potatoes. 

Step Two: Add Some Acidity

If that doesn’t work, try a squeeze of Lemon or a dash of vinegar. The acidity is a fantastic contrast to the saltiness of a potato salad and will surely provide you with the salty relief you want. 

Step Three: Add Heavy Cream

A little bit of Cream never hurt anyone, and regarding your potato salad, it will actually improve the taste while reducing the saltiness. The nullification of salt is due to the fat in the Cream, which helps overpower the saltiness. We advise a minimum of 30% butterfat to provide the best results. 

Step Four: Add Sour Cream

Sour Cream works excellent in potato salad as it can be a great substitute for mayonnaise and has considerably less salt. Sour Cream also has a high-fat content, so like heavy Cream, it works wonders in reducing the saltiness of your potato salad. 

Step Five: Add Sugar

Contrary to popular belief, sugar is lovely to include in your potato salad – especially when there is too much salt. By enhancing one flavor, you indirectly reduce the intensity of another. However, a pro tip is to mix the sugar with another substance to help consolidate the flavors. 

Step Six: Add Herbs

If salt overpowers your salad, combating the flavor with something more substantial such as cilantro or parsley can work like a charm. The bitter taste profile of these herbs is fantastic for offsetting the saltiness of your potato salad, and it also tastes delicious! 

Step Seven: Add Eggs

Eggs are a high-fat, low-sodium food with a great deal of texture and salt-reduce properties. Eggs are a fantastic addition to any potato salad for saltiness or flavor. 

Step Eight: Underseason Sides

A slightly more advanced tip is to under season your side dishes to offset the saltiness of your potato salad. Just be aware that while this method may work, it is the slightly more risky option – good luck! 

There you have it, eight essential tips for reducing the saltiness of your potato salad. If you enjoyed this article, check out more cooking tips and tricks here at