Can Meditation Improve Well-Being? My Findings

Meditation has been around for centuries; many people use it in one form or another. Some think mediation is just sitting with your legs crossed, doing nothing. But in reality, it’s a lot more.

It is a mental exercise involving focus and concentration on an object, thought, or activity to help quiet the mind and relax the body.

Meditation originated in India around 1500 BCE. Since then, this practice has traveled through the world and is a popular form of self-care.

My Experience Meditating:

I started meditating about nine months ago (June 2022). At first, I kept getting distracted; I felt I was doing it wrong. But the truth is that my distractions were a blessing. Distractions allowed me to practice retrieving my focus.

I currently meditate every night for five minutes before I head to bed because it helps me relax.

Originally I started with ten minutes of daily mindfulness, but I soon tried a five-minute routine and found that it immensely helped me sleep compared to the ten minutes.

Typically I have two five-minute sessions every day (morning/night). I also suggest that you meditate outside. As breathing in the fresh air can help clear your mind.

Meditating has enhanced my memory, attention span, and self-awareness

Studying Meditations Effect On Wellness:

A few high-quality studies have concluded the effects of meditation and mindfulness. For example:

A 2020 review examined 83 studies and found that 55 of those studies had reported negative experiences related to meditation practices.

A 2013 study also showed that all the practices had some effect, but when interviewed, those included gave poor results and had a high risk of bias.

And at last, a 2018 review assessed the efficacy of several mindfulness-based approaches to substance use disorder treatment and found that they significantly lowered participants’ craving levels.

Advantages Of Meditation:

Image: Ruaschenberger

We just reviewed some studies regarding the effects of meditation practices. But that’s just nothing as I have many more to tell you. 

So here are some benefits you should know:

  1. Mindfulness practices like meditation are the building blocks to managing stress; since they help you focus on the present.
  2. Meditation increases patience and tolerance.
  3. It can also increase imagination and creativity.
  4. As previously stated, it can reduce memory loss and improve your attention span.
  5. Meditation generates gratitude and kindness.
  6. It improves your sleep hygiene

A Short Summary:

Meditation can help improve your mental health. But maybe it’s not for everyone. I think this because some studies showed that participants didn’t enjoy meditation, but some showed that they flourished under its benefits.

So it would be best if you gave it a go. It may improve your mental health, or, worst-case scenario; you waste three minutes of your day.