Most Effective Way To Cook A Steak! (Must Read)

Steak tips are a popular delicacy many enjoy. Because steak tips are known by many names, most of the time, people are not aware of what they are. Steak tips may be referred to by other names depending on where you live. Flap meat, loin-tip steak, or tri-tips are some common ones.

Whatever the name, this cut of meat is delicious and a must-have. The best part about cooking steak tips? You don’t need a grill or a stove to make them; they can be cooked in an air fryer. In this article, I’ll talk about the popularity of steak tips, how to make air fryer steak tips, and how to get your air fryer steak tips perfect each time.

What are Steak Tips?

When you hear steak tips, just know that it refers to a type of cut. As the name suggests, steak tips are tips of beef that are cut lengthwise. Usually, the beef is from sirloin steak, but it can also be from the flank, round, or other parts of the cow.

Why are Steak Tips So Popular?

This steak cut is popular because it is the perfect size for grilling, sautéing, or making kebabs. Steak tips are also easier to marinate than ribeye steak because they soak up seasoning much more readily. Plus, they’re juicier too.

Lastly, there are tons of different ways you can prepare steak bites. Marinate it, grill it, dip it in sauce or use it for soup. Whatever you do, these beefy delights are guaranteed to cook quickly and have a taste that’ll leave you licking your fingers.

Can You Cook Steak Tips in An Air Fryer?

Making steak tips in an air fryer is 100% possible, and it is much better than grilling or placing them in a skillet. Here are some reasons why:-

1. No Need to Go Outside

With an air fryer, you don’t have to worry about setting up a grill in your backyard. While family cookouts can be fun, setting up, oiling, and using a grill can be frustrating.

Besides, using a grill outside requires the weather to be pleasant enough so you can cook with ease. Since you’re cooking at home, you don’t have to worry about the climate with an air fryer.

2. Avoiding Smoke

The worst thing about cooking on an iron skillet is the amount of smoke it produces. The smoke may be so much that it could fill your house and alert the smoke detectors. When you use an air fryer, you avoid the hassles of a smoky, hot house and noisy detectors!

3. Convenience

Unlike grills and skillets that require you to stay nearby (to observe the meat), air fryers are much more convenient for cooking.

Overcooking or undercooking the steak is not a problem with an air fryer as the cooking time is slightly prolonged. Thus, you can carry on doing your chores and check on the air fryer steak bites periodically.

4. Healthier

Another reason you might consider air-frying steak bites is that they are much healthier than grills or skillets. Air fryers work by circulating air; thus, they don’t require as much oil as traditional cooking methods.

The best part is that the flavor remains the same while you get to cut 70%- 80% of the total calories.

5. Thorough Cooking

If you’re using an air fryer to make steak tips, you can expect them to turn out nice, tasty, and fully browned each time. Again, this is because air fryers rely on hot air circulation, which keeps the temperature of the basket consistent throughout. Ultimately leading to thoroughly cooked steak bites every time.

How to Make Beef Steak Tips in An Air Fryer?

Cooking steak in an air fryer is simple and easy to do. Follow the detailed guide below on how to air fry steak tips.

1. Prep your Steak Tips

Get your steak tips and coat them in your favorite seasoning. For maximum flavor, marinate the beef tips and freeze them overnight. Take them out of the fridge and leave them at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

There’s a large variety of steak seasoning you can use, but if you’re looking for something simple, garlic powder and melted butter (garlic butter sauce) may be a good place to start. Also, add a little salt and pepper for an extra kick.

2. Preheat the Air fryer:

Start by greasing your air fryer basket by rubbing a little bit of oil in it. You can use any kind of oil, although I usually use olive oil. You can also use cooking spray, but only if your air fryer basket is non-stick. Preheat the air fryer to 400℉ or roughly 200℃ for 5 minutes.

3. Fry the steak tips

Grab the seasoned tips and rub a little olive oil on all sides. Place them in the air fryer and cook them according to how you want them done. The following table can help you get a rough idea. I’ve also listed the cooking times for the most popular levels of doneness.

Bear in mind that you may have to alter these times depending on the thickness of your meat. You can use my table to cook air-fried steak bites an inch thick.

Remember to cook for the cooking time and flip the beef tips when you’re halfway done. So if you’re cooking for 12 minutes, flip the meat at 6 minutes.

How to Always Get the Perfect Tips?

I’ve learned these hacks over several years of cooking tips and listed them below. These are guaranteed to get you the best air-fried steaks each time.

1. Use a meat thermometer

While you can always cook your steak by estimating the time, a meat thermometer is the best way to get scrumptious meat each time. This is because using a thermometer allows you to get the right idea of the internal temperature of your meat without having to cut it, which can alter the flavor and texture.

2. Take out the steak tips for rest

Before reaching the desired temperature, you should take the steak tips out and rest them on a plate. This is because your steak will continue to cook for a little while after it is taken out of the air fryer, so taking it out beforehand will prevent overcooking. Suppose you’re cooking a medium steak; I recommend pulling it out at 140℉ and leaving it to rest for 5 minutes. The temperature will go up in the meantime.

3. Adjusting the cooking time

Depending on the meat’s thickness and the air fryer’s model, you may have to adjust the cooking time. Some require more time to cook, whereas other air fryers require less. Check the air fryer manual or online reviews to see what temperature fits you best.

4. Do not Crowd the Airfryer

To cook meat properly, put in a few pieces of meat at a time. Do not overfill the air fryer basket, as this will result in uneven cooking due to inadequate air circulation.


Steak tips are a popular dish eaten by many. They’re juicy and fast to cook, and you can prepare them in numerous ways. The best part about this delicacy is using an air fryer to cook it.

There are many reasons why eating air-fried steak tips may be more beneficial than steak bites cooked by other means. Some of these are convenience, ease of cooking, and thoroughly cooked meat.

Air fryer steak tips are easy to make; all you have to do is follow the fryer steak tips recipe above. Also, consider following my advice to get the best tips every time.