10 Amazing Hacks To Improve Boxed Cake Mix Quality!

Boxed cake mix is a household staple for a reason. It’s easy to make, always turns out delicious, and is a fraction of the cost of making a cake from scratch. But what’s really in a boxed cake mix? And more importantly, is it healthy?

The ingredients in most boxed cake mixes are pretty standard: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and oil or butter. There may also be eggs and flavors like vanilla or chocolate. Some mixes also include preservatives like sodium aluminum phosphate and mono-and diglycerides.

While these ingredients may not be the healthiest options, they’re not necessarily bad for you. The American Dietetic Association says that as long as you’re eating other healthy foods, boxed cake mix can be part of a balanced diet.

1. Add Extra Egg

Cake mix with eggs

One way to enhance a cake mix is to add an extra egg. An extra egg will help the cake mix rise and create a more fluffy texture. Additionally, adding an extra egg can help the cake mix better absorb the other flavors in the recipe. For example, adding an extra egg will help the chocolate flavor shine through if you’re making a chocolate cake.

2. Add A Spoonful Of Baking Powder

Cake mix with baking powder

Adding a spoonful of baking powder to the cake mix enhances it in several ways. The baking powder causes the batter to rise and makes it more fluffy. It also gives the cake a slightly crispy crust and a light, airy texture.

3. Enhance Boxed Cake Mix Using Butter

Cake mix with butter

Butter is sometimes better than vegetable oil for cake mixes because the butter can produce a superior batter. Additionally, the butter will enable the ingredients to bind together for a smooth, moist cake with a rich flavor and consistency. Use equal amounts and mix the butter thoroughly with the dry ingredients before mixing to enable the procedure to yield the best results.

4. Swap Vegetable Oil For Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil

If you desire a vegan alternative, try substituting vegetable oil for butter or shortening. Use the same coconut oil as butter or vegetable oil, either melted or softened. Adding coconut oil gives you a hint of coconut to replace your cake mix and makes your baked goods soft and flaky.

5. Stop Overmixing Your Mix!

Overmixing mix

When making a cake, the ingredients you put in and the order you mix them is essential. If you overmix the batter, it can make your cake tough and dry. Here are three tips to avoid overmixing:

1. Don’t beat the batter for about two minutes, long enough to combine all the ingredients.

2. Stop the mixer as soon as all ingredients are combined – don’t continue beating the batter just because it looks smooth.

3. Use a low-speed setting on your mixer – this will help keep your cake light and fluffy.

6. Switch Out Water For Milk 

Milk instead of water

Most cake mixes call for water, but you can add full-fat milk with specific measures for a richer, creamier taste. If you’re searching for a vegan alternative, use almond, soy, or coconut milk as a delicious substitute. Add buttermilk for a dense, more decadent, and moist cake. Be sure to add more liquid than the recipe calls since buttermilk is thicker.

7. Add Mayo

Add a dash of mayo

While mayonnaise is traditionally considered a savory condiment, incorporating just a spoonful will increase the quality of any dessert by causing it to become more prosperous and decadent like no amount of cooking can.

Adding a couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise (or one or two teaspoons) could be the key to baking your most OK cake. Mayonnaise is a blend of cake ingredients, like eggs and oil, but what makes it stand out is the rich flavor and moist texture it gives to the cake. Mayonnaise may be included instead of changing another ingredient for the full effect or added in addition to the foundation.

8. Combine Coffee With Cake Mix

Cake mix and coffee

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Coffee is a necessity, not a luxury.” And I’m also sure that most of you are coffee drinkers. But what about cake? Is the cake a necessity or a luxury? I would say it’s both.

Sure, you could buy a cake from the bakery for $4 or $5, but what’s the fun? And really, is it that much work to make a cake from scratch? I think not.

But what if I told you there was an easy way to combine coffee and cake mix? That’s right, just add one tablespoon of instant coffee to any box of cake mix and bake according to the instructions on the box. You’ll have a delicious, homemade coffee cake in no time!

9. Add Mashed Up Banana

Mashed up banana

One ripe banana can serve as a substitute for one egg in a cake recipe, so configure a banana into the cake mix only when it tastes good. Tartness may be improved by adding leavening. Bananas can also be used as an alternative to oil and processed meat in recipes. Use bananas as butter, so take the same amount when replacing it with regular butter.

10. Enrich Taste With Extracts

Vanilla Extract

A premade cake batter is a great way to start spicing up your home-baked foods, but this kitty food can only go so far. Adding a little (or a lot) of flavoring concentrate will amp up your cakes by adding some extra interest. For example, if you’re using a vanilla or strawberry cake mix, including some almond or Sicilian lemon extract at the appropriate time will mimic the vanilla flavor. For a chocolate cake, add a tiny bit of coffee extract.